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French_Olive_oils Christian_Potier_sauces
FRENCH OLIVE OILS: Wide selection, many flavors. Perfect for Summer salads and grilling. CHRISTIAN POTIER SAUCES: Six exquisite sauces conveniently packaged in microwaveable pouches. All natural.

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Opinel_hermione_knife Sables_D_Day_tin Mackerels_white_wine
HERMIONE KNIFE BY OPINEL: A limited edition folding knife made with oak scraps from the Lafayette frigate replica. SABLES DE L ABBAYE D-DAY TIN: A special edition tin to commemorate the Normandy landing. Filled with delicious butter cookies. MACKERELS IN WHITE WINE: Boneless fish fillets marinated in Muscadet white wine and spices. A Brittany classic.

Joie de Vivre was established in 1989 as the first mail-order catalog completely devoted to providing Authentic French Specialties in the United States. We offer a wide selection of French foods, sweet and savory; fresh meat, pates and sausages produced in the US by French charcutiers who follow original recipes from France; Marseille soaps and toiletries from Provence; and a vast array of French and French-inspired items such as towels, dishes, glassware, candles, stationery and books to help you bring the heart and soul of France into your home.

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