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Christian_Potier_sauces Duck_leg_confit
CHRISTIAN POTIER SAUCES: A new shipment of fabulous and convenient sauces. Six different varieties to top fish and meat in 10 seconds (really). DUCK LEG CONFIT: Duck legs that have been gently simmered in duck fat. A Fall favorite; a must for your home-made cassoulet.

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France-royal-assortment-chocolate Groix_lobster_bisque Paris_sunset_tote_bag
FRANCE ROYAL ASSORTMENT: Aka La Route des Liqueurs! Dark chocolates filled with regional liqueurs from all over France. LOBSTER BISQUE: Produced in Brittany on the island of Groix. Made with the famous blue lobster and seasoned with Kari Gosse. PARIS SUNSET TOTE BAG: A brightly colored tote bag that is perfect around town or on campus. Who does not love the Eiffel Tower?

Joie de Vivre was established in 1989 as the first mail-order catalog completely devoted to providing Authentic French Specialties in the United States. We offer a wide selection of French foods, sweet and savory; fresh meat, pates and sausages produced in the US by French charcutiers who follow original recipes from France; Marseille soaps and toiletries from Provence; and a vast array of French and French-inspired items such as towels, dishes, glassware, candles, stationery and books to help you bring the heart and soul of France into your home.

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